The second post of the year.

I feel my time in Egypt is now up, and I need to move.

While traveling I have developed a weird sense of knowing when to leave. When I first came to Egypt, I thougt I would stay here until April or May. But after an unfortuate event with Chorong, I just wanted to leave asap but even back then, it didn’ seem to be likely happen.

Now I feel I need to go, probably first to Israel, and then to Paris.

I came across Youtube channels of Khan Academy this morning, and I knew what I needed to do.

I can’t wait to have my parents in Europe next spring, it will be just too beautiful.

I am happy and it is now over here.


About Ziyoung

I am now in Cairo, going to Qu'ran school, learning about a totally new culture and a religion 'Islam'.
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