The first day of 2011.

Posting an artcle a day doesn’t necessarily mean that I should only publish a very meaningful and readable article, it means I believe I simply need to post an article a day.

I woke up at about 9:00 a.m. I went to bed almost at midnight after having a nice warm shower last night. I wraped up my 2010 by writing a letter to my parents, to express how grateful I am to their love and service, and how proud I am of my choice of choosing them my parents, the theory that I came to believe while I was travelling in India about 3 years ago.

I had my breakfast of a fish stew and a bowl of steamed rice. I somehow felt alright. I went out to buy some groceries, and I also had a small walk around the neighborhood. But except that, I stayed at home most of the time.

I read articles on CNN. I downloaded some documents on how to prepare for GRE exams, and I have watched several videos in I also visited a techie community site in Korea.

And I realized that it is never that ‘I’ make my resolutions either for the New Year or my life. I just need to be patient and learn to be an observer until resolutions are revealed to me.

I feel that I have received already several resolutions I didn’t know I need to persue until the last day of 2010.

I am happy and blessed.

I need to quiet my mind and listen more, to listen with my heart, like the advice given to Pocahontas by Grandmother Willow.

‘Listen with you heart, you will understand.’

p.s It’s beautiful that I saw this video on the very first day of 2011. Thank you, Mother Universe!


About Ziyoung

I am now in Cairo, going to Qu'ran school, learning about a totally new culture and a religion 'Islam'.
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