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It is OK. Everything is OK.

Dear D, I guess I have changed a bit by a bit, like rain drops fall on a stubborn rock. I no longer feel guilty or I should have or should do something. I did cuz I could, and I … Continue reading

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She said ‘We know everything!’

1. Do you really know everything? I like to talk with young people, because they are more fluid, they are less imposing, and they do not want all the world to think the same. Maybe because they do not carry … Continue reading

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Dear D,

Dear D, It has been almost a week since we last talked, since I asked you to stop emailing me. Stop emailing may not mean much to others, but to us, it means the end of our relationshop, as, funny … Continue reading

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The second post of the year.

I feel my time in Egypt is now up, and I need to move. While traveling I have developed a weird sense of knowing when to leave. When I first came to Egypt, I thougt I would stay here until … Continue reading

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The first day of 2011.

Posting an artcle a day doesn’t necessarily mean that I should only publish a very meaningful and readable article, it means I believe I simply need to post an article a day. I woke up at about 9:00 a.m. I went to … Continue reading

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