My Travel Pics

On the last day of the year 2010, I am revisiting the photos I have taken for the last one and a half year while traveling in Africa, Asia, Europe and now Egypt.

I turned 30 during my trip. What a 30th birthday I had all alone. But I didn’t want to complain as it was exactly how I wanted it to happen.

Looking at the photos, I feel somehow sad to notice such vivid changes in my appearance.  I don’t want to say this, but I look *old* now.

I was guessing, after my trip to Indi, I haven’t taken a good care of my health. My diet has been upside down, that was when I broke my 5-year-old vegetarianism and started to bite fried Chicken legs. And I almost gave up a daily exercise.

I thought my one and only resolution for the year 2011 was to post an article a day, but I just have to add one more, to revie my diet and exercise pattern of 2009 and apply them in 2011.

I remember I used to drink  fruit/vegetable juice for breakfast. I would spend at least 2~3 hours for cardio and muscle-building with dumbbells. Also, I would be on a strict vegetarian diet even without eggs or dairy products. And I would have a very light dinner or none at all, but never forgot to drink a large cup of hot ginger lemon tea before I went to bed. One more thing, I would read lots of mind/body books and find pleaure in applying them one by one in my life. Those were mostly written by Dr. Deepak Chopra.

My resolution in physical plain  for 2011 is to reinvite my way of life of 2009.

I want to wisely love my body all over again.


About Ziyoung

I am now in Cairo, going to Qu'ran school, learning about a totally new culture and a religion 'Islam'.
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