I am posting everyday in 2011!

This is my one and only New Year’s resolution for 2011.

I am posting everyday!

It has been already one and a half year since I quite my job in Korea and set out on a journey that first led to Mauritius, then to India, Thailand, to the Netherlands, Belgium and now I am staying in Egypt.

While most of Korean dads, seeing a 30 year old daughter doing what I am doing,  would ask to stop and come back and marry, my dad instead asked me to do just one thing.

Every time he sent me an email, he gave me a gentle push.

‘Write, sweetheart. Write about your experience. Don’t be under any pressure nor relax too much, but observe and write. Record your experience.’

I am not a native English speaker, nor have I ever been educated or lived in English-speaking countries before. So writing something in clean and fancy English is already a challenge to me, but this is something that I want to give 100% of myself to for the next year.

I will write at least one post a day in ‘2011’ in ‘English’.

Please encourage me and kindly enjoy my writings to come.

Kim Ziyoung

p.s I am also thinking of  writing about what I am learning here in Egypt, the country I have decided to come on a whim but already have stayed for two months and another two months to go. Born in a Buddhists’ family, it is my first contact with the much-misunderstood religion ‘Islam.’ I have already been introduced to several Qu’ran schools and met people. While I am here, I would like to meet with more Muslims from a variety of backgrounds, and talk with them and record our conversations. Would you too, give me a gentle push to go like my loving dad always has?


About Ziyoung

I am now in Cairo, going to Qu'ran school, learning about a totally new culture and a religion 'Islam'.
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